August 28, 2023

How baby boomers feel about social media?

Baby Boomers are the people born in the post-World War II period between 1946 and 1964, corresponding to an increase in birth rates. This generation of adults is now in their mid-50s, 60s and 70s. As one of the largest generations America has ever seen, Baby Boomers are known for being hard-working, financially established and conservative.

They value success and respect authority, championing a traditional view on marriage, work ethic and sacrifice for their children. Though defined by shared attributes such as following the status quo over breaking ground, Baby Boomers have been credited with setting a path for forming an equal society where education plays a major role.

It is no surprise that Baby Boomers are key to understanding today’s society and Custom Software Development Company shaping our future. They have experienced tremendous cultural changes such as the civil rights movement, feminism, environmentalism, and more. Through their experience, they have learned to be independent thinkers who take risks in reaching their goals while aiming for a better quality of life. Boomers are truly a generation like no other.

Baby Boomers’ Perspective On Social Media

Baby Boomers are often seen as less tech-savvy than younger generations, but baby boomers actually possess a nuanced view of social media. Many baby boomers have strong opinions about the role of social media in our society and actively discuss the problems they see associated with too much reliance on social media.

Security org’s most recent study shows that 84% of baby boomers believe that social media is likely to improve their lives, and that they use it on a daily basis. In fact, more than any other generation, millennials are somewhat pessimistic about social media and believe it will make their lives worse.

On the other hand, they also recognize the power of using social media to connect people and bring attention to certain causes and can see it as a positive asset if used in moderation. With a varied opinion on the use of social media, baby boomers take an interesting stance that defies generalization – that is just one example of how far Baby Boomers have come in their understanding of technology.

Why Baby Boomers Join Social Media Platforms?

Baby Boomers are joining social media platforms in ever-larger numbers due to a desire to stay connected with their peers, conveniently access online entertainment, and have access to helpful resources. They are drawn in by the possibilities of communication and connection with friends, family, and loved ones who may be thousands of miles away by using video calling applications like skype.

Additionally, they enjoy the convenience of streaming content directly from their laptop or phone and having access to treasured memories stored safely within albums on sites like Facebook or Instagram. Resources such as health information sites often contain valuable advice regarding well-being that baby boomers can take advantage of from the comfort of their own home. Boomers who like to stay informed turn to newsletters from trustworthy sources like the BBC and CNN which provides an array of the latest news topics they can follow.

Additionally, they use blogs as a way to express their voice on any subject that interests them. Whether it be politics or culture. Social media helps them bridge age gaps. And keep up with new technologies so they never feel left out or isolated. Overall, baby boomers are becoming more savvy using social media platforms to keep up with their peers across the globe.

According to data from Statista in 2020 on “Reach of leading social networking sites stats used by Baby Boomers”, Facebook was the most used social media platform used by baby boomers with 78% total users. Then YouTube was most liked with 68% users, followed by Pinterest with 40% and Instagram with 32% users.

What Boomers Expect From Brands On Social Media?

Baby Boomers have been driving many of the changes and trends in today’s marketplace. Making it essential for brands to pay close attention to their expectations on social media. Boomers are, in fact, embracing innovative technology and are willing to purchase goods and services online. They appreciate engaging content that is custom tailored to them in terms of preferences, location and finances. When crafting a message for this age group, avoid using too much jargon or technical terms. As they may not be able to easily follow or understand the intended message.

Brands should focus on delivering useful information such as product details and consumer reviews. And offering discounts or incentives through loyalty programs. A warm tone is also beneficial as it can demonstrate genuine care for the customer. Connecting with Baby Boomers through an effective social media presence can lead to strong customer loyalty. And a lifelong connection with these valuable consumers.

Boomers generally expect an active customer service presence which is quick to respond and able to address their needs thoroughly. They also like to feel appreciated by the companies they support, either through special offers. Or simply by being noticed and addressed directly rather than being treated as just another number in the customer base. Understanding what Baby Boomers expect from brands on social media. This will help your business foster relationships that keep them engaged and coming back time after time.

Reasons Why Brands Should Target Baby Boomers On Social Media

Baby boomers have one of the highest rates of discretionary income in society. So they can make purchases that other demographics cannot. Additionally, this generation has historically been loyal to brands, so if a brand puts in the effort to target them with their social media marketing and Software Development Solutions, they stand to gain greater customer loyalty and higher revenues.

Furthermore, it’s important to understand that the older generations may have adapted later than Generation Z or millennials to technology. But when it comes to social media, many boomers find it useful for staying connected with brands and companies online. Therefore, turning their social media attention to this target audience could benefit them immensely. As boomers enjoy products that match their personality and values.

As such, targeting baby boomers through social media allows them to become more comfortable in their engagements. With the brand while providing them insights into products or services that they may not get elsewhere. Doing so can lead to increased sales, loyalty rewards and greater customer satisfaction overall. Social media is no longer just for teenagers. The billions of chats that happen online involve people of all ages. Brands need to be increasingly more deliberate about who they’re aiming to target and how as adoption rates climb.